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Many of our French workshops are gradually resuming face-to-face. However, most of our workshops still continue to be offered on ZOOM. Learn more about the calendar of activities on the home page of our website. We ask you to respect the health instructions and recommend that you take good care of yourself and your family.

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Founded in 1982, the AQPA was the first association for people with aphasia to emerge in Quebec. The founders sought to provide a service beyond rehabilitation for people with aphasia, where they could break their isolation and continue to develop their autonomy.

Since July 2016, AQPA is located at the Centre des services communautaires du Monastère, 4450, St-Hubert Street, local 510, Montreal (Québec). H2J 2W9. If you come by metro or adapted transportation, please use the ground floor entrance on 4449, Berri.

Aphasia House Fondation‘s mission is to financially support the Association québécoise des personnes aphasiques (AQPA) in order to promote the social participation of people with aphasia

Providing a supportive organization for people with aphasia to promote their development and social integration.

  • To offer new forms of activities that will enable people with aphasia to lead active lives and be citizens in their own right.
  • To provide information on the services and resources available.
  • To sensitize governing authorities and the public about the needs of people with aphasia.
  • To promote, protect and develop the material, cultural and social rights of people with aphasia.
  • To offer support to the Caregivers of people with aphasia.

Since its beginning in 1982, the AQPA has continually strived to better understand and help people with aphasia. We are proud of its 40 year history of consciousness-raising and get togethers, with members, volunteers, students and relatives. A deep richness has grown from sharing lived experiences and inspiring each other with our creative ideas.
The AQPA was built slowly, struggled with hardships due to lack of funding, found benefactors and then began receiving regular support from the PSOC (Support Program to Community Organizations). Numerous donors have come to trust and support the “Aphasia Cause”. Thanks to them, the AQPA was able to overcome difficulties inherent to organizations that depend as much upon the dedication and good will of individuals as they do upon monetary support.

HERE (Association across the years) we remark on the important milestones of the past forty years. They have not all been glorious, some have been extremely laborious, but most have been happy, creative and innovative. This history chronicles the AQPA’s family album and allows us to remember pivotal moments in the development of the AQPA of today: a flourishing organization of interest to researchers, students, relatives and volunteers, all of whom are united in their generosity of heart and spirit.
The determination and hope of a select few are the source of this longevity. The Founders and Directors of the institutes that strove for the creation of this Association are:

Dr Yves Jetté and Dr André-Roch Lecours, assisted by Speech Language Pathologists from the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal most notably, Michelyne Hubert.
Successive directors found partners, building the present structure which consists of both francophone and anglophone members, as well as a large number of allophones. The AQPA is thus a reflection of Montreal, open to all cultures and eager to meet the needs of its members.
Although our website is still being developed, we are nonetheless proud to present the following pictures of our members, a reflection of cherished memories. These pictures, among others, will be integrated into a video that will become available during the year.

Anniversary programs (click on links below to display):

An association such as ours functions best with the help of several people who form a team. The administration relies on a board of directors consisting of nine people, four of whom are aphasic and five are relatives or supporters. During its history, the AQPA has been presided over by nine people with aphasia.

As stated in the general rules, administrators may serve terms up to a maximum of two years, with elections taking place once a year at the Annual General Meeting.

Facilitating English and French workshops, directing the choir, support, information and coordination are the responsibility of the staff, working in unison with the Director General. Organigram.

Video – AQPA daily …