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Workshops and opening – Building the communication bridge through culture

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You will find below a short video that shows the atmosphere of the 14 workshops which happened at the AQPA between October 2021 and March 2022: Building the communication bridge through culture.

People with aphasia, their family members, and some participants from the wider community who wanted to get to know people with aphasia, were invited to participate in a series of workshops which combined dance, visual arts and videography.

The project concluded with a public opening which took place at the Center de loisirs et d’entraide Patro Villeray on May 6, 2022

This project received financial support from the Agreement on the Cultural Development of Montreal concluded between the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec, in collaboration with the Association québécoise des personnes aphasiques and a team of three artists: choreographer Nika Stein, painter Normand Sénéchal and videographer and multidisciplinary artist Camille Havas.

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