Our selection of resources to create your communication tools

Do you want to create your own communication tools to facilitate dialogue with a person with aphasia? Several free resources available online give you access to a vast bank of images and pictograms, as well as templates to create your visual supports. Here is our selection!

Resources for searching for visuals and pictograms

Aragonese Center for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ARASSAC)

The ARASSAC website offers a communication support tool free including a rich bank of pictograms (example of visuals below for the food category).

Aphasia Institute (search in English)

The website of the Aphasia Institute provides you with a bank of pictograms and images to download. If these resources cover many topics, you will need to register on this web portal to benefit from it.

Resources for creating customizable communication boards, visual supports and comics

Health BD

Coordinated by the CoActis Santé association, HealthBD is an educational toolbox for understanding and explaining health with simple images and words, and includes customizable comics (examples below).



This free online tool, which is being developed as part of the “Knowledge Hub for Accessible Technologies” (WBT) project funded by the city of Vienna, will be very useful for making your own communication boards with voice synthesis (example of project on the visual below). below). Although it offers many possibilities, AsTeRICS Grid requires a certain investment to take advantage of its many features.

This online tool is particularly useful if you want to create visual aids quickly. When starting your project, you have the choice between several pre-defined templates. Once your template is selected, all you have to do is insert the desired images and titles to bring your visual support to life.

SEN Teacher

Intuitive and easy to access, SEN Teacher also allows you to easily create visual supports through simple functionalities (example of support below).