AQPA, a pioneer serving the cause of aphasia

Founded in 1982, AQPA was the first association in Quebec to help people with aphasia and their families. A look back at a story rich in exciting challenges.

Uninterrupted support for people with aphasia and their loved ones

Throughout our history, we have been able to raise public awareness, develop partnerships with the health and social services network, and support our members in various ways.

We were lucky enough to meet benefactors along the way. These people, whether donors or partners, have allowed us to pursue our mission. We also received regular support from the Community Organization Support Program (PSOC). Thanks to the aid received, AQPA was able to carry out an uninterrupted series of initiatives to help its members make themselves understood and improve their quality of life.

Our various directors have finally been able to consolidate our structure, which today has French-speaking, English-speaking members and a large number of allophones. Today, AQPA is a reflection of Montreal: cosmopolitan and open to different cultures.

AQPA celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2022

AQPA celebrated its 40th anniversary on November 13, 2022 at the Maison de la culture Mercier, in Montreal. The slogan of the event, “40 years of history and life”, was chosen by members and their loved ones during a workshop.

As a theme, the Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry visited the planet Aphasia during a play. This fabulous discovery was jointly recounted by the Théâtre Aphasique and the Aphasia Choir during an exceptional evening.

Our story in highlights

Here are some major contributions to the evolution of AQPA of which we are particularly proud:

So many other great actions could be listed!
AQPA warmly thanks those who helped us in our efforts to raise awareness of aphasia in society.