PSOC project - close assistance

In the fall of 2023, AQPA obtained a new grant from the Ministry of Health and Social Services as part of the deployment of the government action plan for caregivers. This grant aims to increase the financial support of community organizations like AQPA that offer services to caregivers, to meet their growing needs.

Series of “conference meetings” for loved ones of people with aphasia

Five “conference-meetings” are planned per year, some of which are bilingual or offered in English. These “meeting conferences” are intended for caregivers, but can also accommodate people with aphasia when this is desired by the caregiver.

Each meeting will consist of a short conference followed by a moment of discussion in the form of a “coffee meeting”.

The first part (conference) aims to share information by a speaker on a pre-determined subject of interest to caregivers (e.g.: adjustment of family roles in the context of caregiver, mental health, resources for the physical and mental health of caregivers, prepare for a medical appointment). The speaker will be trained in aphasia so that the content of the conference is adapted to the reality of caregivers and that the format is also accessible for people with aphasia.

The second part (coffee meeting) will take the form of a discussion with the speaker, AQPA speakers and caregivers. This moment aims for the mutual support of caregivers by sharing their experience and expertise.

Individual psychosocial support for caregivers

Individual follow-ups may be offered if necessary to caregivers of people with aphasia by a nurse expert in aphasia and neurocognitive disorders or a psychosocial worker. The needs of relatives to obtain such monitoring could be identified during the admission of new members to AQPA or following conference meetings. 

These individual follow-ups will make it possible to address questions for which caregivers have difficulty obtaining appropriate answers in the health and social services network, such as mental health.

Music therapy group sessions

Since fall 2023, a pilot project resulting from a collaboration between the National Institute of Music Therapy and the Services for loved ones of a person with aphasia has made it possible to offer loved ones three different music therapy groups (described on the SAPPA page) . With this pilot project ending at the end of winter 2024, this new grant will ensure the continuity of these groups from spring 2024.