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Volunteering – Assistance in our workshops

Volunteer workshop animation varies according to the individual style of the volunteer.

The volunteer always has direct contact with participants, either with the entire group or with an individual, when a participant is having more difficulties.  

  • Room preparation (organization of the workshop material, coffee, etc.)
  • Greeting the participants (helping them with coats, cane or chair) 
  • Assisting the Speech Language Pathologist, the teacher or the leader of the choir.
  • Helping participants to follow the workshop, assist them in finding the pages, etc.
  • Initiating conversations with participants, listening to them.
  • Staying with participants while they are waiting for their transport.
Required qualities

Being patient, being able to pay special attention to detail, being a good listener, being  punctual, being discreet, being efficient.

Availability required

From 3 to 4 hours per week, on a regular basis.

  • To follow the AQPA training session.
  • To respect the AQPA’s Code of ethics
  • To meet the AQPA’s Volunteers Coordinator on a regular basis.