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Volunteering – Representation in kiosks or at events


Those who choose to represent our organization in public will travel to various institutions to provide information on aphasia and on the AQPA. Thanks to our volunteers, we hope to reach those who are isolated by aphasia and to raise awareness of the help our association can offer. 

These volunteers are sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by a person with aphasia at the information kiosk. The kiosks are usually in health and social service institutions (CLSC, rehabilitation centers), or in public places regularly visited by people with aphasia (grocery stores, drugstores, mall entrances). We want to reach all parts of Montreal. 


According to site accessibility and the availability of the volunteer.

  • Complete the training session offered by the AQPA
  • Respect the Code of ethics of the organization
  • Report regularly on activities to the person responsible for the AQPA volunteer service