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Volunteering – Home visits


These volunteers are required to work in contact with people with aphasia in their living environment. They support people by helping them overcome barriers related to communication. They offer their presence and empathic listening in everyday life, or specific assistance in complex situations, particularly for personal, business, legal or medical issues.

A volunteer coach may be required to
  • Take time to listen and chat with the person with aphasia
  • Read mail, fill out a form or a check
  • Go shopping with the person
  • Assist the person with aphasia at a meeting or help them get there
  • Participate in various activities to promote the social integration of the aphasic person, where appropriate and necessary
  • Observe and report any change in the status of the person with aphasia.
The qualities of a volunteer caregiver

Patience, empathy, openness, dynamism, autonomy, punctuality, listening, flextime and availability, dedication to commitments.

Time required

A minimum of 2 to 3 hours per week depending on the task, i.e. for home visits, or on an occasional basis for medical visits.

  • Complete the training session offered by the AQPA
  • Learn and respect the Code of Ethics
  • Meet regularly with the person responsible for AQPA volunteer service
  • Make a brief summary of each meeting in the journal provided
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