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Volunteering at the AQPA

The Association québécoise des personnes aphsiques offers various types of work for those who wish to volunteer. A volunteer can help organize activities or contribute to the maintenance and development of direct services to people with aphasia.

Training will be given for whatever role you choose in the list below. For more information, please contact the volunteer coordinator, Josée Fortin either by email (, or by phone: 514-277-5678, ext. 3. Volunteers are extremely important in the success of a community organization. That’s why we want them to share in the fruits of our experience and our festivities. All volunteers are invited to the year-end celebration, which takes place after the annual general assembly. After three hours of volunteering, a meal is offered at Resto-Plateau. Furthermore, the volunteer will have access to various free training and information sessions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired by courageous people and to discover your hidden talents!

Depending on your availability and your interests, you have the choice of the following activities: