Our volunteer opportunities

Do you want to discover a new area and support a community organization? All beautiful energies are welcome!

Varied volunteer profiles depending on your interests

Why choose AQPA to volunteer?

After a stroke, many people become aphasic and have to live with a sometimes serious communication disorder that marginalizes them within society.

AQPA offers them a platform for expression, free from any judgment. Are you interested in this mission? Join a community full of courage that will make you love life, discover your hidden talents and increase your knowledge about aphasia!

Friendship visits

People with aphasia are often socially isolated. Visit them and help break this isolation. Twinning is done by affinity and geographic proximity. Visits take place mainly in the living environment of the person with aphasia but can include telephone calls or video conferences.

Required Skills:

Commitment required:


Assistance with animation in our workshops

Join our activities! Your mandate will vary slightly depending on the type of animation of the person responsible for each workshop.

You will always be in direct contact with the participants, either with the whole group or with a person with more difficulties. Animation sessions take place during the week at 4450, rue Saint-Hubert in Montreal.

Examples of tasks to be performed

  • Prepare the room, equipment, coffee, etc.
  • Welcome the participants, help them with their coat, cane and chair.
  • Support the facilitator
  • Help participants follow, find pages, etc. Encourage them to take initiatives.
  • Engage in conversation with participants, listen to them.
  • Wait for transport with them.

Required Skills:

Commitment required:


Participation in occasional activities

Takes part in one or more one-off activities. During the year, we carry out different activities that require your help.

  • Group outing outside our offices to participate in an event
  • Special event inside our premises (e.g. celebration or information session)
  • Fundraising to finance our public interest mission.
  • Support a person with aphasia for a specific need.

Required Skills: