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Honorary members

First of all, Michelyne Hubert, thanks to whom, the AQPA and many other associations of people with aphasia exist in Quebec. Michelyne is the heart and soul of the AQPA, the one who blew the emergency whistle when the Association was falling apart, the one who carries each person with aphasia in her heart, just like she would for a member of her own family.  She was the first one to come out with brilliant ideas to create animated groups to be held continuously, as a goal to prevent all of those people with aphasia from isolation.  Michelyne is also a very precious advisor; her inspiration always contributes to the evolution of the Association. We have also named Sylvain Chartier an Honorary Member as he has always accompanied his spouse, Michelyne Hubert, since her beginning in the AQPA. He was always a remarkable support, intelligent and empathetic; we even wonder how Michelyne could have taken so many engagements with the AQPA if it wasn’t for the fabulous support Sylvain brought her. Yes, today we can say; (the opposite of what we use to say): “Behind every great woman – hides a great man!”

For 27 years, the Association was located at the IUGM. The Institute is not just a place – it is also a way of living – allowing the AQPA to grow, to develop and accommodate Anglophones and people from 15 different cultural ethnics. But without the staunch support of Doctor Céline Crowe, none of this all would ever have existed. Thanks to her, the doors (small one and big ones) have been opened to us, for the AQPA’s benefit, but also for all students and researchers who, for 30 years, have been able to work with people with aphasia in the creation of various work, studies, allowing them to distinguish themselves in the scientific world, if not make them famous. Doctor Crowe is appreciated by all those connected to the AQPA.

We would also like to emphasize the remarkable contribution offered by Darla Orchard. She is a sweetheart, the finest, most delicate person, constantly demonstrating her consideration and empathy to people with aphasia. Darla has contributed to the revival of the AQPA in times of distress in the years 2009 and 2010.  She was the instigator of the English Workshops, filling them with human warmth and kindliness. Thanks to her, many foreign language speaking residents have been joining the groups.  She is voluntarily hosting the Monday afternoon Workshop.

Some people have contributed with important donations to the survival of the AQPA.  A wall plaque with their names carved was mounted on our Office walls, as a token of our gratitude towards them.

Two honorary members passed away.  Mr Pierre Poitras who helped us obtain donations from the « Fondation J.-Armand Bombardier »  and Mrs Hélène Germain de Corwin. We will always remember them with gratitude.

Hélène Germain de Corwin