Terms related to aphasia

Several terms are commonly associated with aphasia, particularly to define the symptoms encountered. Here are the main terms and their definitions.


Difficulty recognizing objects or people, despite intact sensory functions.

Language disorder manifested by grammatical difficulties. This results in short sentences with missing grammatical words.

Difficulty or even inability to write following brain damage.

Difficulty or even impossibility in producing a word. This manifests itself by silences or by the production of similar or transformed words.

Lack of awareness or recognition of one's own medical condition, even if it is obvious to others.

Speech disorder resulting from problems controlling or coordinating the muscles used for speaking.

Set of mental skills that allow you to adapt to any complex or new situation. These skills make it possible, for example, to plan one's actions for a specific goal, to concentrate, to solve problems, and to organize one's actions effectively.

Inability or difficulty perceiving the side opposite the brain injury.

Excessive, often inconsistent language production, characteristic of high verbal fluency without control over the quantity or relevance of words spoken.

Language error characterized by the replacement of words with other incorrect or distorted words.