Resource List

Psychosocial support and health

211 of Greater Montreal

The 211 service helps combat poverty and social exclusion, by allowing people struggling with non-urgent social needs to be informed quickly about local socio-community resources that will help them, and therefore to be able to find solutions. to get out of a precarious situation.

CLSC and psychosocial services in your area

Répertoire des centres locaux de services communautaires (CLSC) to receive:

  • routine health and social services;
  • preventive or medical services to the population of its territory;
  • rehabilitation or reintegration services;
  • public health activities.

811 health and social information

811 is a free and confidential telephone consultation service. Several options are available to meet your specific needs.

Montreal Suicide Prevention Center

The Montreal Suicide Prevention Center offers Montrealers a range of services aimed at people in distress or suicide, their loved ones or those who have experienced the suicide of a loved one.

Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec (OOAQ)

Search tool to find a speech therapist, from the directory of OOAQ members, who offer services in the private sector.

Find a speech therapist


Info-aidant (Support telephone service for caregivers)

Info-aidant is a confidential and free telephone service for listening, information and professional references. It is aimed at caregivers and their entourage, caregivers and health professionals.

Phone: 1 855 852-7784

Support for caregivers

Support for caregivers has been serving and listening to loved ones for more than 10 years, with the aim of preserving their quality of life. L’Appui also supports the organizations that help them while mobilizing the entire community.


RUTA Montreal

The "Regroupement des usagers du transport adapté et accessible" on the Island of Montreal (RUTA Montreal) is dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of users of Montreal public transport with functional limitations.

STM – Paratransit

STM paratransit is a door-to-door public transportation service that operates by reservation only.

EXO North and South Crown

Exo offers a door-to-door paratransit service, upon reservation, to disabled people or people with reduced mobility who live in the northern and southern suburbs of Montreal.

Social participation

Centre d’intégration à la vie active (CIVA)

CIVA serves the Montreal population living with a physical disability.

In order to carry out its mission of inclusion, CIVA offers cultural, sporting, social, outdoor and social integration activities, in order to lead young people and adults to adopt an active lifestyle approach and integrate into their community.

Centre communautaire Radisson (CCR)

The CCR, through leisure, educational, cultural and social activities, aims for civic engagement and the social participation of people with physical disabilities.

Théâtre Aphasique

The "Théâtre Aphasique" is a non-profit organization focused on the rehabilitation and social reintegration of people living with aphasia or an acquired communication problem through an artistic approach mainly linked to the performing arts.

The Cummings Center

The Cummings Center promotes the development of adults aged 50 and over and improves their quality of life by offering dynamic and innovative programs and social services in a lively, respectful, inclusive and compassionate environment.

Its services include the following adapted programs:

  • Adapted exercise clinic
  • Aphasia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Orthopedics
  • Parkinson
  • Post-stroke
  • Support groups


Founded in 1995, Viomax is a charity that offers adapted activities. Viomax's mission is to improve the state of health, the level of autonomy and the social participation of people living with functional limitations through positive and rewarding interactions. The organization stands out for the unique expertise of its staff as well as its programming and equipment adapted to the needs of its customers.

Association sportive et communautaire du Centre-sud (ASCCS)

The ASCCS accessibility program aims to encourage the practice of physical activity of people with a physical or intellectual functional limitation and to promote their inclusion (for the south center only).

AVC Aphasie Laval

AVC Aphasie Laval offers a place for socialization, stimulating activities and services to people who have suffered a stroke, people with aphasia and their loved ones.

Leisure support card (AlterGo)

The Leisure Accompaniment Card grants free entry to the companion of a disabled person to partner leisure, cultural and tourist organizations.

Programme ministériel des aides techniques à la communication

The "Programme ministériel des aides techniques à la communication" (PMATCOM) is a program of the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services. This program allows equipment to be loaned to disabled people in order to compensate for certain disabilities.

The technical aids covered by this program are divided into five (5) categories:

  • Oral communication aids
  • Substitute aids for oral communication
  • Computer access
  • Environmental control
  • Adapted telephony

To find out if your needs are eligible, you must contact a health professional whose skills will allow you to properly assess your needs and guide your request. The occupational therapist and speech therapist at your CLSC or the establishment where you receive your services could advise you effectively.