Activities (outside groups) for caregivers

Follow-up in a dyad with a speech therapist

This follow-up offered by a speech therapist consists of training a person with aphasia and their caregiver to use communication strategies during conversations. The number of sessions, their frequency and the place where they take place are adapted to each dyad. Sessions generally take place at home, but can also be offered remotely (by videoconference) or at AQPA premises.


They usually last 60 to 90 minutes, up to an approximate maximum of 12 sessions. This monitoring can improve understanding of what aphasia is and the quality of communication within the dyad. Follow-ups in dyads can also help improve the social participation of people with aphasia, create moments of communication and provide emotional support for families.

Individual support for a caregiver with a psychosocial worker

The psychosocial worker meets the caregiver at a frequency that varies depending on needs. Meetings can take place by telephone, by videoconference, at AQPA premises or at home. This follow-up may consist of offering active listening and support to caregivers as well as connecting them with different community or health network resources. The psychosocial worker can also support the caregiver in certain administrative procedures.

This follow-up can allow caregivers to enrich their support network, develop new skills as caregivers and strengthen their skills and their sense of competence to face the challenges they experience.