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From our volunteers

Judith Tchen

As a student interested in pursuing Speech-Language Pathology, volunteering at the AQPA provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about aphasia and to give back to the community. I really enjoy participating in a weekly conversation group in which I have gotten to know some wonderful people who always have interesting or funny stories to share. If you’re looking for an enriching experience with a positive and meaningful impact on others, I highly recommend getting involved at the AQPA.







Nicola Phillips

The members and other volunteers are really interesting people – they are kind enough to share their stories and lives with me and I have been learning a lot! At first, I expected to just learn about working with people with aphasia but in just two semesters, it’s been much more than that. Everyone at AQPA has been so friendly and encouraging. I have learnt lots about people with aphasia and what they experience when they’re out in the world. Thanks for educating me about how to bring out someone’s competencies and enable them to communicate.