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Friendship visits

Friendship visits

Breaking the Isolation of people with aphasia…

Meeting with a volunteer

Friendship visits’ aim is to break the isolation people with aphasia might be suffering from by pairing them with a volunteer they meet with on a weekly basis at home or virtually, depending on the situation.

These visits are an opportunity to foster a regular social bond, to stimulate communication, and to be accompanied in activities for about an hour per week with a volunteer who shares interests and passions with them. Our volunteers are committed to supporting our members by assisting them with their communication-related obstacles and by offering a presence and empathic ear in their daily lives. This service is offered to members with aphasia who live on the island of Montreal.

How does it work?

After registration, the aphasic member is paired with a volunteer by affinity of common interests. A first matchmaking meeting takes place between the volunteer and the person with aphasia in the presence of the coordinator. The twinning lasts as long as everyone’s interest and availability is there, and the situation allows.

For further information, please contact Elaine Tang at: or for volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Manager at:

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