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Exhibition – First event of the Foundation

The opening of the exhibition that took place Thursday October 16th at the restaurant  “La boîte gourmande” was the first fund raising activity of the new Aphasia House Foundation.

Speeches from the Board and spoke people touched the hearts of all attendants. In front of more than 60 people, the president Frédéric Hivon recalled the memory of his father who was a university teacher and had lived with aphasia. The two spoke people, the actors Guy Nadon and Normand Gougeon, talked about how their relations with a person with aphasia made them aware if this handicap. Artists Cong Nguyen and Hugo Brochu introduced their own paintings with a few words, giving the crowd evidence of how difficult it is for a person with aphasia to get his point across.

The Aphasia House Foundation thanks all the artist : Hugo Brochu, Cong Nguyen, Vivane Troche and Louise Bourbonnais for their donations of paintings, the sale of which will be given to the Foundation. Our gratitude extends as well to all the people who attended the opening,  and braved the cold, wet weather. Very special thanks go to  “La Boîte gourmande” who freely welcomed this event and provided the snacks.

We appreciated the contribution of the Centre de formation sociale Marie-Gérin-Lajoie: their question (What would you do if you lost speech and language abilities?) have raised more public awareness.

Mr. André Bergeron was the lucky winner of the drawing of « L’oiseau penseur », a painting by Louisbour, member of Magenta Blues (www.magentablues).

To visit the exhibition at “La Boite gourmande” or at our office at the 454 Laurier East, please contact Mrs. Audrée Bergeron (514 277-5678). Do not hesitate to become a builder of the Aphasia House by making a donation.


Choir aphasia participate in the contest ” Chantez pour Ste-Justine avec Céline Dion”

The very touching choir of the AQPA participated in the contest ” Chantez pour Ste-Justine avec Céline Dion” Our members who did not know the song a month before, rolled up their sleeves and worked hard in order to participate in this contest. A big challenge for people with aphasia!

PANAM Accreditation

January 22nd 2014 

PANAM accreditation was awarded to the AQPA and eighteen other Montreal- based associations last January at the Montreal City Hall.  This accreditation allows the AQPA to benefit from the technical and physical support of the city of Montreal and its burrows for three years. In this way, the city affirms its commitment to supporting accessibility for all Montrealers with functional limitations and for the organizations working for these citizens.  The goal of this recognition is to make sport and leisure activities more accessible to people with disabilities.

Reconnaissance des organismes Panmontréalais (PANAM 2014)

Olivia Balzano received the accreditation on behalf of l’Association quebecoise des personnes aphasiques.

Raymond-Bachand Development Prize

November 21st 2013

The AQPA is the happy recipient of the “Raymond-Bachand Development Prize”, awarded by AlterGo. This prize emphasizes all the work accomplished throughout the years, the objective of which is to offer handicapped people quality leisure activities. Created in 1975, AlterGo gathers close to 100 organisations or municipal Social Services in greater Montreal having the shared concern of offering handicapped people, quality leisure activities.  

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30th anniversary

October 23rd 2013

The evening of October 23rd, in the basement of the St-Denis Church, full of balloons, bubbly and food of all sorts, 200 supporters came to celebrate 30 years of the AQPA and have the opportunity to look in the rear view mirror before greeting the future.  Le Choeur de l’aphasie and l’ensemble vocal Les Voix Ferrées blended their songs together in harmony. Candidates of the Plateau Mont-Royal municipal elections spoke of their platform for the handicapped, taking the time to listen to the needs of the AQPA were touched by the vitality and energy present in the room. 

Keeping in mind the broad features of the origin and development of the AQPA, its achievements and publications, the Executive Director, Louise Bourbonnais, led her audience to dream of an Aphasia House where the members could find both work and housing. Sparked by this vision, the candidate Danièle Lorain spontaneously saw a community mission for Hôtel-Dieu, generating the enthusiasm of our loyal supporters.

Triptyque: A Robert Lepage and Pedro Pires movie

October 18th 2013

In Triptyque,directors Robert Lepage and Pedro Pires delve into life and slightly alter reality in order to bring out its touching sides. They also called upon le Choeur de l’aphasie for a scene where a choir is directed by a singer who became aphasic. They asked Mylène Dion, who is naturally very empathetic, to play the role of a Speech Language Pathologist. A workshop led by Wasilla Tazi of the CREP inspired Lepage the day Marie-Nicole Cossette read with great ardor. In Triptyque, aphasia is not played, it is lived.

The Laurier piano

September 24th 2013

While the sound of the public piano installed outside the Laurier metro Station would be heard all summer long right beneath the windows of the AQPA offices on Laurier Avenue, the choir le Chœur de l’aphasie decided to take part in the “parade”. On a beautiful sunny day during rush hour, it set up in the middle of the crowd rushing to take the subway to go home and managed to seduce a very astonished audience.  Among the bystanders, a mayor observed the performance with much interest. Mr Luc Ferrandez accompanied by Marie Plourde, City Councillor of the Mile-End District. They took the time to be touched …along with all the passers-by, who seemed glued to their spots, as they were amazingly charmed in a way only people with aphasia hold the secret to.  It was the beautiful sunny afternoon of September 24th!

Agora Musique and Aphasia

November 22nd 2012

The choirmaster of Le Choeur de l’aphasie, Christine Cantin, addressed all the benefits singing in choir brings to people with aphasia with an appreciative audience, reunited for the Agora Musique and Aphasia event organized by an initiative of “Regroupement des associations de personnes aphasiques du Québec (RAPAQ)”, on the edge of the congress “congrès de la Fédération des musiciens éducateurs du Québec”.  Later on in the evening, Christine Cantin, Louise Bourbonnais, Michel Pitre and Francine Carrier were interviewed on a CBC television news program in Quebec City. The crowd was mesmerized by the choirs : Le Choeur de l’aphasie, la Chorale de l’Espoir, Les Battants et les Troubadours de l’Aphasie  united for the first time.

The Mondial Choral

July 7th 2012

Reunited around the old-styled St-François de Sales de Laval Church, a setting so charming that we forgot about the oppressive heat of that summer’s day with Le Chœur de l’aphasie and Le Choeur de l’Espoir. A concert took place for this very popular event.  

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