People with aphasia who are AQPA members are eligible to join various activity workshops, all of which are adapted to help stimulate language expression: 

Workshops (Verbal and Written Communication Workshop Description):

Here is our schedule for  winter2019

Our offices will be closed December 22th until January 6th, 2019.

AQPA will open January 7th, 2019.


You wish to participate in one of our workshops? Here are a few things you should know

Selection criteria and steps to participate in an AQPA Workshop:

  • You have been diagnosed with aphasia following a stroke, cranial trauma or an aneurysm.
  • Your mental health is stable and allows you to participate in group activities.
  • You meet the person in charge of greeting new members and fill out a formal application form.
  • You participate in a Welcome Group held once a week, for five weeks.
  • You choose the workshop best suited to your needs, given your capacity and the number of places   available. (There is a limit 10 participants per workshop).
  • You pay the annual membership fee of $25 and the registration for the workshop ($20 per workshop, per semester).
  • You attend the workshop on a regular basis, and advise us if you will be absent. (In case of an unjustified long term leave, the AQPA will not reserve the place in the workshop). The registration coordinator will verify the reason for the absence prior to removing the member from the workshop.
  • You behave in a manner that respects the Code of Ethics.
  • After the first month, the AQPA Coordinator will evaluate your choice of workshop with you to make certain that it corresponds to your needs.

When you first visit the AQPA and meet the coordinator, please make sure to bring the following documents:

  • Medical Insurance Card
  • Medication list
  • Canadian Birth Certificate (If you were born in Canada)
  • Canadian Citizenship Card or Permanent visa (If you were born outside of Canada)
  • Proof of residence (If you were born outside of Canada)